Survival Tips for Mercury Retrograde


Well I am no Astrologer however I have always studied and believed in the Zodiac, Star signs and the Universe. I felt compelled to write a few words on what is happening around us right now and it is very close to my heart and I am sure may of you may also be feeling the stress and strain of life at the moment. Perhaps things are feeling rather stuck, and that it is almost impossible to get things moving right now. This is all quite normal when Mercury is in retrograde, but it still does not help how we feel and the frustration some of you may be experiencing right now.

When Mercury is in retrograde is simply means it is moving in the opposite direction and causes miscommunications, communication problems and difficulties with electrical equipment. For example: emails may simply go missing, PCs may not work, phones go weird and people may misunderstand things you say to them or take it the wrong way. Sound familiar to any of you?


I believe that the most damaging aspect of when Mercury is in retro are misunderstandings caused by miscommunication. I have noticed quite a few people putting posts on social media about being misunderstood, or people saying things about others which have been perceived incorrectly and have been hurtful to the person on the receiving end.

How do we survive this time without causing any long term damage to our relationships? It is a challenging one, but on the positive side we can also learn a lot from this which can help in our own spiritual progression.

Here are some of my tips to help you survive this very challenging Mercury retrograde:

  1. When you hear some gossip from another which is upsetting, use your own intuition and really think about it carefully, do not jump to conclusions, just because someone says something to you about another, this does not necessarily make it true.
  2. During this time the things which are said to you by others can be very easily misunderstood and misinterpreted, try not to take things too personally and stay strong in your own beliefs.
  3. Be cautious about making any big decisions around this time as you may be negatively influenced by the energy of the planets. Do not sign any contracts right now which have a long term effect i.e. mortgages or loans. If you must sign something then read the small print carefully and make sure you are clear about it.
  4. Be kind with your words to others at this time. Remember we are all going through these challenges, the spiritually minded and the non- spiritually minded. I believe it is more difficult for the non-spiritually minded has they may have very little understanding and awareness of why these things are occurring, the spiritually aware however, do know and can try to make sense of it. Try to help the non-spiritually minded by being understanding of any misgivings or unkind words which are said.
  5. Rise above any negative comments and gossip. Do not give it any energy, see things for what they really are.
  6. Send love out to others at all times.
  7. Be gentle with yourself and do not get into this cycle of negativity especially if you are sensitive. Try as much as you can to stay neutral.
  8. Be aware that emails and letters may be misread or misunderstood. They may even go missing, so if you do not get a reply look into it, perhaps it has not been delivered.
  9. Stay positive at all times. Do not get dragged into any negativity or negative gossip about others. Remember the power of the word and thought. They are all energetic vibrations within our consciousness and will be felt by the other.
  10. Above all – Be kind others and yourself.

Much love and blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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